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The code in these free Android tutorials is from AIDE - the free Android App for Creating Android Apps.
The programming language is JAVA XML

R.Java - Files

These files have a java extension because they are java coded files

Both these files are created when you run your code within your project. They are not to be modified, and to ensure you do not modify them, each has a DO NOT MODIFY this file, at the top of the codes page.
Since these files are created each time you run your app project; any code changes - things you add or things you delete from your app code; are updated automatically in this code also.

From the images we can look at the code from each file: file;
basically refers to debugging methods for Android applications, and the Debug was completed successfully; DEBUG = true.

To locate this file in your android app project files goto:
nameOfApp is the name you gave the app when you created your appProject - it is usually defined as com.domainname.appname By clicking at the gen/ folder and continuing to each folder in the directory tree, the files are easily found.

Build Config java file, do not modify this file file;
The word FINAL, basically refers to the code (class) and that it cannot be overwritten by another class (code); it is a type of method declaration which is stated within this java file.
This file also shows the name given to the app;known as the (package) com.acw.algebra, and the code also shows this app has a drawable, a layout, a string, and an app launcher. (icon)

int app_name=0x7f040001;

This code refers to the integer value which basically refers to the actual value of that element but with numbers - and is shown here in a string - (Integer object that represents the int value indicated by the String parameter) Each element of the app is shown with its integer value in a string.
To locate this file in your android app project files goto:

R Java file, do not modify this file

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AIDE for creating Android Apps on your tablet or cell phone(android).
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ANDROID STUDIO - for creating Android Apps on your desktop computer.
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The Java XML files we code(example codes) and the Android Apps we create in our Free Tutorials are compatible with Android Studio and AIDE. Just choose Java XML as your Programming Language.

The Google Play Store has thousands of Free Apps for Android Programming

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