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The code in these free Android tutorials is from AIDE - the free Android App for Creating Android Apps.
The programming language is JAVA XML

Res Layout Main xml Tutorial Android Apps

Resources Layout Main xml Tutorial

To locate this file in your android app project files goto:
nameOfApp is the name you gave the app when creating the AppProject

This file is editable and you will use it often to create, add, change your apps layout. It is a xml file type; so it is easy to code.

This file contains the apps layout particulars, like: the margins, text color, text size, font type, color of the text links, and if the text should wrap automatically. As you view the image on this page, you can see each element mentioned has been added to the TextView for this app's layout. Most are self explanatory.

The code - Android:autoLink="Web", means that any links added to the textView page text will automatically be clickable or hyperlinked. For example, if we added, it would become clickable in your page view.

The code android:text="@string/mathintro", means there is a text string named mathintro, that contains the text you want shown on this pageview (textview). More info on strings in the next tutorial.

The code android:orientation="vertical", means that when your app launches, you want it to show vertically in the users tablet: usually it is vertically or horizontally.

The code, android:layout_MarginTop="10dp", means that is the space you want from the top of the screen to where your text or images first are shown in the page view. View all margin elements here

The code "LinearLayout" , refers to the type of Layout chosen for the TextView. There are several to choose from. Linear Layout is probably the most common.

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The Java XML files we code(example tutorial codes) and the Android Apps we create in our Free Tutorials are compatible with Android Studio and AIDE. Just choose Java XML as your Programming Language.

The Google Play Store has many Free Apps for learning to code Android.

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