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The code in these free Android tutorials is from AIDE - the free Android App for Creating Android Apps.
The programming language is JAVA XML Tutorial

This java file is created when you run your app project, and it tells the app where to find the particulars of your activity view - SetContentView tells the app to goto R.layout.main for the view's page styling and layout details; like its' layout type, font style, the margins on the view page, text color, text size, color of links, to name a few. The R.layout.main.xml file is discussed in the next tutorial.

This file is not a file you need to edit when first creating your app.
To locate this file in your android app project files goto:
nameOfApp refers to name you gave app when creating it; domainname refers to your domainname also given when creating the appProject file

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AIDE for creating Android Apps on your tablet or cell phone(android).
Free and Paid - with Free, create simple template apps and couple free android lessons.
With paid, many android lessons included, create template apps, publish your app at markets like Google, Amazon, and get a 'keystore' for your app.

GoTo Aide

ANDROID STUDIO - for creating Android Apps on your desktop computer.
Free to Install and Use

GoTo Android Studio Learn more - Android Studio

The Java XML files we code(example tutorial codes) and the Android Apps we create in our Free Tutorials are compatible with Android Studio and AIDE. Just choose Java XML as your Programming Language.

The Google Play Store has many Free Apps for learning to code Android.

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