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Learn to Create an Android App - Beginners Article

If you have a cell phone or tablet you probably have downloaded and installed a free Android app. At Google Play Store and Amazon, the two largest distributors of free android apps. You can easily find and download apps on just about any topic or niche.

You can also make your own Android Application (app) for yourself, have it on your website or blog for download, and or you can distribute them at the App Markets like - Google and Amazon. There are many smaller app distribution markets as well, but Google and Amazon are the most popular places where surfers go to find new android apps and where developers distribute both paid and free apps.

What Programming Language Should You Use

There are 2 distinct but similar ways to create an App for Android: You can use your desktop computer or use an android app (like on your tablet). Developing an App on either uses the same coding language; either Java XML or Java C++.

For the novice, Java and XML would be the easiest language to learn as opposed to learning to code with the Java C+ language. Our tutorials will use Java XML programming language to make Android Apps.

Choose A Development Environment

The desktop environment uses SDK and Android Studio (latest- previous was Eclipse) to create Android Apps. To create you need to download and install these two desktop applications; they are free to use, and they have tutorials to help with this and the programming itself.

The Android App Environment uses AIDE (an Android App) to create Android Apps. AIDE has a paid and free version. More than 1 million developers use AIDE to build Android apps on their tablets and smart phones. It is recommended to use the paid version as you get more features and no NAG screen while coding.

AIDE only works on android compatible devices like tablets and smart phones. It can be downloaded and installed from Google Play; just like any other App you install on your tablet.

It features 2 free interactive android lessons(java/xml) and several paid ones. For the paid ones, you must pay a monthly $6 fee, and a bit cheaper if you pay yearly.

AIDE also has additional free and paid learning lessons for: android wear(none free), java(2 free), games(2 free), android NDK(none free).

Learning from our Android Java/XML tutorials; you can easily learn the most basic aspects of creating Android apps.

Coding Knowledge

Having any previous coding knowledge is definitely helpful; but not necessary for learning to develop Android Apps in Java XML. I had no previous knowledge of Java/XML or any coding language other than HMTL, prior to learning to build android apps.

Free App vs Paid App

There are basically three types of apps you can create: a free app, a free app with in app paid purchases, or a paid app. If you want to sell your app on the Android App Market places, you do need to specify what type of app you have.

On some Markets like Google Play, you cannot change the app once it goes live; example a free app cannot become a paid one - you would need to submit a brand new app and make it a paid app.
Most common is Free apps with in app purchasing and advertising. This way, more people will download your app and you can make some money from in-app purchases and in-app advertising.

Modulizing Your App

Many developers modulize their apps - making several apps covering the same theme or topic. This not only keeps their app sizes to the recommended MB, but also provides a way to effectively market their apps as well.

Testing Your App

Before you can distribute your Android App to any Market Place, you need to test it to make sure it works. You need only run your app on your tablet or smartphone, if it builds and installs, then it works.
Once you know it's installed (it works) , you can then submit it the Market Places.

There are about 300 markets(websites), where you can submit your mobile apps. Some are more popular than others, and they all have their own submission guidelines.

In summary.... Our Android Tutorials are for beginners to Android Programming to learn the basics of coding an Android app, with Java XML programming language; . You will be able to make your own app using the code examples provided.

We are using AIDE (an android coding/programming app) to develop and make these tutorials. AIDE can be installed on a tablet or cell phone.

Our tutorials cover the basic know-how and use standard code classes for making an Android App on your tablet or cell phone using AIDE. Each tutorial has detailed code examples you can copy and paste, app photos, and explicit instructions for making each app.
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Coding Android - For beginners

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